Welcome to Hang it Up


I truly believe that all women, no matter their age, size or budget will only look beautiful when they feel beautiful. You can put a Chanel suit on any of us but if you feel like you’re in the wrong skin, it will show to the rest of the world.

I have survived through many fashion mistakes of my own, conforming to the big hair days of the 80s and the shoulder pads of the 90s. I quickly realized while working in New York City that the women who really stood out were the ones who didn’t try to look like everyone else. They quickly became my inspiration.

I now know that it is much more fun to shape and mold my own personal style to who I really am than to follow mall store and fashion magazine trends. The best part is that I have acquired a huge amount of confidence in just being me and in feeling completely comfortable with the unique style and fashion choices I make every day.

Our goal is for your style choices to make you feel beautiful when you walk out your front door, every day!

Ready to take the next step? I would love to hear from you!

In Peace & Style