The birth of Hang it Up


This journey of creating my business has brought up many feelings that I have not encountered in a long time. Self-doubt is one that stands out the most. Many times I think, “Screw this…why did I consider this?  Just pull out and keep doing what you were doing.”  If I make a mistake, the world will see it and they will doubt me too. What if I meet a potential client and I do not present myself a certain way and I turn them off. I try to remind myself that most of these worries are wasted energy as I cannot control any of it. Stay positive, you are human and there will be mistakes. I recently launched my website and friend pointed out that Chanel (yes like Coco Chanel) was misspelled!! How embarrassing, for me, as a fashion follower, to make that mistake! I had to laugh about it as I know I can’t always get it right.

I have noticed other subtle changes within myself. I found my spark of creativity in my belly as I follow other fashion lovers, changers and entrepreneurs.  Their stories are an inspiration and open me up to other avenues of ideas. Just writing my blog is empowering. I find myself in the early hours of the morning sitting in my closet…yes my closet…plugging away at my work. I find this space to be the quietest, least disruptive to my family when I get up early. Now I know why Glennon Doyle Melton found her peace in her closet…Her book Love Warrior was amazing and so brave.

It feels good to get all the scariness out there to help me let some of it go.

3 comments on “The birth of Hang it Up

  1. Dear Laura-
    This is so honest and fab!
    We may never know what is possible until we try;)
    Congratulations on your launch! You are inspiring!

  2. Would it be wrong of me to say I kinda hate you a little for having a closet big enough to write in (at a desk, no less)? We don’t know each other very well, but from what I can see, you’re a natural. I watched yesterday as you coordinated people with confidence and approach-ability – al!l while looking great. I think you’re going to be very successful

  3. Laura, Thank you for sharing your insecurities with us. You know many of us are thinking “how does she stay so calm and confident?” Your honest words help us all to be more confident in ourselves.
    Thank you,

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