Style Obsession 1,044


My latest obsession are these beautiful marble colored bags made by MVM MollyVirginiaMade. I found these bags on Scoutmob, a site that reminds me of Etsy, but focuses on individuals and their story behind their product. I have been trying to be thoughtful of my purchases lately and slowing down my impulsive shopping. Learning about these individuals who create unique items allows me to connect with them. I noticed these bags while browsing on Scoutmob, and once I learned the process to create them, I knew they were special, plus I am a sucker for cool bags.  Once you see them you will notice that each one is unique, as each bag is hand sewn and hand-dyed to make the swirls of delicious colors. They have totes, clutches and wallets…and the colors…it is hard to choose! Since my launch of Hang It Up I needed a special place to hold my business cards . I decided on the Leigh (Pueblo) and could not be happier with my purchase!

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  1. I LOVE Molly Virginia Made – especially because she’s a local Richmond girl! We’ve worked together on events before. She’s currently doing leather earrings which are amazing!

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