Style Packages

Lifestyle Consultation: Up to 1 hour/Free

After you complete the lifestyle questionnaire you and I will go over your answers to analyze what challenges and frustrations you are facing in achieving your ideal style.  I will recommend retail, online stores, and clothing lines that would work well with your body type, budget and overall lifestyle.
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Personalized Lookbook: /$100

Based on the answers to the questions in your lifestyle questionnaire I will create a personalized Lookbook with completed outfits from head-to-toe that you can refer to and/or make purchases on- it’s that easy! This package gives you the ability to visualize your ideal style and shop at your own leisure for those essential pieces missing from your wardrobe. Peek at my Lookbook page for examples!
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Closet Edit: Up to 3 hours/$350*

Wouldn’t it be great to swing open your closet door and love everything in it?  Together we will go through your current wardrobe and decide what pieces to keep, alter or donate.  If you haven’t worn a fabulous and unique separate in years, it could be that it’s just missing the perfect match!  We will keep a running list of the separates you have and the essential pieces that every woman should have in her closet that are missing from yours.  In addition I will create a personalized Lookbook with ideas for perfect ensembles from head-to-toe!
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Let’s Shop: Up to 3 hours/$300*

So many different things hold us back from diving into shopping for clothes, whether it’s money, frustration or lack of confidence.  With the list we compiled during the closet purge or the basics that you never seem to have, you and I will have a great starting point for filling in the gaps.  Together we will go to stores and boutiques that will perfectly reflect who you are.  If you’d like, I can even shop for you and bring my choices to your home or workplace for you to try on in a space that you are comfortable in.
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One-time Special Event Shop: Up to 3 hours/$200*

Think of all the times you needed to find just the right special occasion dress or outfit and you were either overwhelmed or disappointed by what your choices were.  I can help you narrow down your search based on the nature of the event and be there to give you honest and neutral opinions so you are sure to feel beautiful from the second you arrive to the second you leave.
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*additional time billed at $75 per hour